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How Soon Will We All Have Hydrogen-Powered Cars?

This blog post was published in Science Unsealed, a blog run by the Illinois Science Council. It is about when and whether hydrogen-powered cars will go mainstream.

How to Keep a New Cyanide Antidote From Spoiling

Just like yogurt, a medicine can go bad in the fridge if it’s not sealed properly. The medicine in this post is a potential new antidote for cyanide which would be faster and easier to use than the current FDA approved options.

A fluorescent GTP analog as a specific, high-precision label of microtubules

This is a scientific paper about attaching a fluorescent molecule to microtubules at a specific location. The technique proved useful for later studies of microtubules. It was published in the journal BioTechniques in 2011 with co-author Douglas Martin.

Ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy of plant thylakoids during light acclimation

This is my master’s thesis. It’s about investigating how plants respond to changing light conditions at the molecular level.

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