Erik Kristofer Anderson

email me@erikand.com

phone (872) 216-4830

Erik is a wonderful writer. He has a gift for finding the vantage points from which the core ideas of a complex process can be isolated from the noise, and for logically connecting these ideas into delightful explanations that substantively advance understanding.

David Thompson

Professor of Chemistry, Sam Houston State University

Erik and I co-authored a journal article in 2011.  Erik was a great writing partner: he was willing to take the lead in drafting our article, and responded promptly to discussions on our vision for what the article should do.  I suspect Erik continues to be an excellent writing partner, able to bring ideas to print clearly.   

Douglas S. Martin

Professor of Physics, Lawrence University

I met Erik Anderson while I was doing my PhD at the Material Science department of the TU Darmstadt, Germany. He spent the summer of 2008 (around three months) helping me in the laboratory thanks to the RISE program by DAAD. I had received several applications from American undergraduate students but his love for science stood out and he was my first choice.
He immediately demonstrated interest in the subject and a desire to learn.
He synthesized and heat-treated silicon based polymers under inert atmosphere and evaluated the polymer’s fluorescence for possible use in light emitting devices. He learned to use the Schlenk technique, how to safely fetch liquid nitrogen, how to handle air-sensitive chemicals, and how to run UV-Vis and luminescence spectrometers.
He was independent, organized and reliable and thanks to his hard work he was very productive. He was a sensible person to work with and managed to integrate well in the team.

Ilaria Menapace

Liason Officer, ANAS SpA