Why Me?

Erik Kristofer Anderson

email me@erikand.com

phone (872) 216-4830

Real Research Experience

You need a writer who understands scientists. I have worked in four different research labs. Whether you work with scientists, sell to scientists, or both, this inside perspective is invaluable.

You need a writer with broad scientific experience. I’ve worked in areas spanning from¬†materials science to spectroscopy and biophysics.

And most of all, you need a writer who can work in your area. Whether you work in biotech, chemistry, or physics, I can write for you.

A Teacher at Heart

You need a writer who can speak to experts just as easily as to laypersons. Someone who can effectively communicate with your investors and clients, whatever their scientific background.

As a tutor and teaching assistant, I needed to deliver concepts at a level my students could understand. After 5 years of teaching experience with students from middle school to graduate school, I can effectively teach people with a wide range of experiences.

Just as I educated my students, I am ready to educate your potential clients what they need to know to make an informed decision.

Thorough Scientific Education

You need a writer who has deep training in science. I hold a Master of Science in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. While working towards the degree, I focused on physical chemistry, meaning I learned not just chemistry, but also math and physics.

You also need a writer who can learn quickly. When I was a student at Lawrence University, a liberal arts college, I learned how to learn in a variety of areas, including unfamiliar ones.

I know the groundings of science, and I can learn the details of a particular area quickly and independently, meaning I’m ready to hit the ground running and get right to work.

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